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Public Facing Research Output

Intra-Urban Heat Islands

Characterizing and mitigating extreme heat in San Antonio, TX. Beat the Heat website and Report

Texas Energy

Contributed to development of energy scenarios for Texas. Future of Texas Energy for Texas 2036.

Investigating Variability of Environmental Quality across San Antonio

  • Evaluating air quality differences across a large and diverse city

  • Identifying intra-urban heat islands

  • Determining compounding risk factors and possible areas for mitigation measures

Vehicle Electrification issues in Texas

  • Allocating charging infrastructure in a renewable-heavy islanded grid

  • Identifying barriers to equitable EV adoption

Bridging the Gap Between Emissions and Air Quality Modeling

  • Creating tools to improve the connectivity of TIMES and CMAQ modeling

  • Evaluating the effect of energy emission changes on future US air quality

  • Improving the utility of energy scenario modeling

Exploring Future Energy Scenarios in Peru

  • Developing a computational representation of the energy system in Peru

  • Modeling the impact of policy, technology, and uncertain resources

Current Research Projects

in the field

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