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Peer Reviewed Publications

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Quantifying the spatial aggregation bias of urban heat data

Lopez Ochoa, E., Brown, K.E., Lee, R.J., Zhai, W.


Comparing health benefit calculations for alternative energy futures

Brown, K.E., Henze, D.K., Milford, J.B.


Energy and emissions implications of automated vehicles in the U.S. energy system

Brown, K.E., Dodder, R.


Market sensitivity ofsolar–fossil hybrid electricity generation toprice, efficiency, policy, andfuel projections

Brown, K.E., Loughlin, D.H.



Evolution of the US Energy System and Related Emissions under Varying Social and Technological Development Paradigms: Plausible Scenarios for Use in Robust Decision Making

Brown, K.E., Hottle, T.A., Bandyopadhyay, R., Babaee, S., Dodder, R.S., Kaplan, P.O., Lenox, C.S., Loughlin, D.H.


How accounting for climate and health impacts of emissions could change the US energy system

Brown, K.E., Henze, D.K., Milford, J.B.


Accounting for Climate and Air Quality Damages in Future US Electricity Generation Scenarios

Brown, K.E., Henze, D.K., Milford, J.B.


Pre Prints

Bridging MarkAl-TIMES to CMAQ

Ngo, S.,  and Murphy, B.N. and Nolte, C.G. and Brown, K.E., Bridging Existing Energy and Chemical Transport Models to Enhance Air Quality Policy Assessment. Available at  SSRN: or

Peer Reviewed Curriculum
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